External Resources


Challenging perceptions

  • Positive Exposure – Rick Guidotti started the foundation in 1998 to use his photographs to transform the way we see and treat people’s differences
  • PEARLS Project – Positive Exposure’s interactive educational tool that gives students a “deeper understanding and respect for human diversity”
  • The Honest Beauty Project – Facebook campaign started by two high school girls that shows the many sizes of beauty

General Genetics

  • Genetic Alliance – A worldwide leader in health advocacy that focuses on genetics, but uses a multidisciplinary approach to improve health
  • American Society of Human Genetics – Professional organization for human genetics specialists that uses research, education and advocacy
  • Global Genes – An advocacy group to support people affected by the challenges of having a rare disease

For specific genetic conditions

Bully prevention

Diversity in Media

Beauty in difference examples

Articles, videos and other examples of diverse representations of beauty in the media

  • Axis Dance Company – Dance company founded in 1987 that incorporates dancers with and without disability through performances and outreach education
  • Rick and Dick Hoyt (ABC News)- An athletic duo of Rick, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was born, and his father who pushes him to the finish line of some of the world’s toughest races
  • Michaela DePrince (CNN) – Once an orphan in Sierra Leonne who was shunned for the vitiligo that caused light spots on her skin, Michaela is now a professional ballerina who strives to make the art form more diverse
  • Jillian Mercado (Today) – Fashion blogger Jillian Mercado beautifully modeled the clothes, her wheelchair and herself as part of Diesel’s 2014 ad campaign “We Are Connected”
  • “Because Who is Perfect? Get Closer” – Campaign by Swiss organization Pro Infirmis that showcased custom-made mannequins based on people with a variety of conditions
  • Tess Holliday (Buzzfeed) – First model of her size and height to be signed to a major agency that started a Twitter hashtag to show the many representations of beauty
  • Jamie Brewer (Time) – Actress known for “American Horror Story” and the first model with Down syndrome to walk the runway at NY Fashion Week
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