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On Beauty still-Rick photographing Jayne

“On Beauty” to world premiere in Chicago

September 16, 2014

“On Beauty” is ready for the world to see. The newest documentary from award-winning filmmaker Joanna Rudnick and Kartemquin Films will have it’s world premiere with special screenings at the 2014 Chicago International Film Festival. We are so exited to have a hometown premiere at such an amazing festival. Please join us at 1:15 p.m. on Oct. 18 at the AMC River East theater at 322 E Illinois St, Chicago, IL 60611. Joanna and photographer Rick Guidotti will join a post-screening panel with other special guests to discuss the film, Rick’s work, and the importance and difficulties of challenging norms. ... Read more

NBC’s Rock Center Interview with Rick Guidotti

June 10, 2013

Clip of piece from June 7, 2013 by Dr. Nancy Snyderman. The Rock Center segment profiles Positive Exposure’s challenge to the way the medical community sees genetic differences, and their goal of replacing the dehumanizing images from medical textbooks with photographs that speak to/represent the person, not just the condition. Joanna Rudnick states: “It’s a remove the “black bar” movement and Rick won’t be satisfied until a new parent can Google a child’s condition and see one of his photographs – of humanity of motion of childhood – rather than a disassociated body with a black bar masking and shaming ... Read more


WhoWhatWhy features On Beauty

February 26, 2012

  Investigative journalism website WhoWhatWhy features On Beauty after a successful screening in New York City. Check it out here!

Is 13 too young for plastic surgery? Let us know what you think.

October 13, 2011

  video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player Nicolette Taylor, a 13 year-old from Long Island decided to get plastic surgery on her nose after incessant bullying in school on online. Her parents supported her decision and the whole family was thrilled with the results. As of today, nearly 58% of Huffington Post readers have agreed with Taylor’s parents, declaring they would allow their child to get plastic surgery to escape bullying. Please share your opinions with us! Read the entire article from Huffington Post here.

11-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy commits suicide

October 13, 2011

  Bullying is a horrifying problem that is now affecting children at extremely young ages. Mitchell Wilson, age 11, was found dead last month by his father, in his bedroom with a plastic bag tied around his head. Muscular dystrophy left Mitchell Wilson struggling to do simple things like walking around his middle school. He had to use a walker and doctors had encouraged him to exercise regularly to stave off the disease’s effects, but even this was growing increasingly difficult for Mitchell. There was a big shift in Mitchell’s demeanor after he was mugged last November by a twelve-year-old ... Read more

New York Times Pearls Project

NY Times features Rick’s new high school Pearls Project

June 22, 2011

    Rick Guidotti’s and Positive Exposure’s most recent endeavor, the Pearls Project was featured in New York Times article yesterday.  The new program incorporates a variety of high school curriculum to promote tolerance and empathy in a school culture where being different can mean social exile.   Read the entire article here.


Meet Jayne

January 11, 2011

Born with Albinism to a mother who abandoned her at birth out of fear and stigma, Jayne Waithera met Rick at a program for social entrepreneurs where she was working to establish a resource center for her peers in Kenya. Inspired by the work of Positive Exposure, Jayne has begun to lay the seeds to set up a branch of the organization in Kenya, addressing the significant needs, both medical and psychological, of the local Albinism community—a community on high alert with news of recent bloodshed against individuals with Albinism in neighboring Tanzania.

Meet Sarah

January 11, 2011

Sarah Kanney loves to compete in motor-cross competitions; she also works in the local spa in her small, upstate New York town. With a large port-wine stain birthmark across her face (a result of the genetic condition Sturge Weber Syndrome), Sarah has spent years in surgery to treat the glaucoma in both of her eyes and overcome debilitating seizures. Now 21 and studying for her GED, Sarah has decided not to seek laser treatment or use heavy makeup to cover the mark that is a major part of her identity.


Meet Nadia

January 11, 2011

In Qatar, people question whether 3’6” medical student Nadia Merchant is really a doctor, despite her white coat and stethoscope. “Do you think I’m in a Halloween costume?” she responds. Living with a genetic form of skeletal dysplasia, Nadia has committed her life’s work to genetic pediatrics, where she can help mothers and children understand that difference never has to limit life’s possibilities.