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October 6, 2015

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The Film Lab is a not for profit that has been dedicated to the promotion and support of gender and ethnic diversity in media since 1998 and accomplishes its mission through education, outreach/support and production. Read more at

This post is in collaboration with the Asian American Film Lab’s 72-Hour Shootout. The shootout is a challenge that gives teams of filmmakers three days to create a 5-minute film based on the theme of the year. The theme for 2015 was “Two Faces” and was inspired by the Asian American Film Lab’s goal to increase diversity in the media.  The winning films world premiered on July 25th and there will be an upcoming screening and panel titled The Consequences of Judgment Based on What We Look Like Rather Than Who We Are on Oct. 8 at The Time Warner Theatre in New York City featuring Rick Guidotti, among others.  Keep posted and RSVP here.

IMDB link:
View all the films and more at the AAFL TV YouTube channel.

Look Deeper: Beauty
Director: Youn Jung Kim
Produced by: Film Lab and AAFL TV,
Writers: Youn Jung Kim and Ronan Cray
Country: USA

Beautifully Something
Team: Ladies’ Knight
Director: Christina Ashby
Writers: Cindy Chu, Christina Ashby, Elsbeth Denman, Christina Allen

Team: DTX Pictures
Director: Larry Rosen
Writer: Larry Rosen

Funny Faces
Team: Random Fox Productions
Director: Shubhra Prakash
Writer: Anisha Dadia

Girls Unite
Team: JS Filmmaking
Director: Jisoo C. Kim
Writer: Dylan Kim

Office 2 Faced
Team: StuJin
Writer: Stephanie Teubert

Put It On
Team: Films With No Friends
Director: Tim Liu

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