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August 17, 2015

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Author: Sarah Sansoni
Country: US
Type: Essay

I am an actress, improvisor and voice over artist currently living in Denver, CO and getting ready to move to L.A. Ahh! I love self expression and creativity in all forms, writing, singing, dancing, acting and even painting and yoga. My favorite thing about art and self expression is that it can be used to uplift and inspire.

One of the things I specialize in is comedy, I have a true love and appreciation for it and am always writing comedy and studying it. It has helped me find the light in all situations and to learn not to take things so seriously.

What TRULY makes me unique and beautiful is not physical. It is how comfortable I have become in my own skin and my understanding of my purpose. My purpose is to bring light and I filter all things that I do through that. Everyday and every time I am making a decision I ask myself, am I bringing light? I am going to make this better? Will I make people happy or smile? Of course I am only human so I make mistakes but I do my best to live by that. I think that makes me beautiful.

Project description:
I wrote this essay after discovering the film via Twitter. I felt so inspired and uplifted that I wanted to share my feeling and experiences. My definition of beauty is a humble and giving person, someone who likes to spread joy and make others feel good about themselves. I also love when I see a person who is comfortable in their skin, who doesn’t go with the status quo and who isn’t afraid to stand out. People like that bring color to the world.

The essay I wrote represents my differences because I identified an area where I felt different from others. Instead of hiding it away I used it as a gift and because of that I am now building a voice and on camera acting career and my unique voice has become a big asset.

Personal website:

On Beauty: The Film and in Life

Even though I am an actor I do LOVE ME SOME documentaries! I am so excited to see this film and I love what the photographer in it is doing.

Somehow we have come to this place in our society where being different or having a feature that is different makes you undesirable or even if that is not the case it makes people feel the need to point it out to you or make a comment. Being on the receiving end of those comments or stares can make one feel like a freak. When or why did being different become bad? And, who wants to be like everyone else anyway?

This subject matter hits home to me for two reasons: I used to work with teenage girls and see the effects that the “beauty standards” have on them and secondly, I myself stand out. My voice does not sound like everyone else’s, which I love to be honest, I love being different and I would never want to blend in. I am also making a career out of it through acting. But, what if I let the comments that people made about it when I was younger effect me? Or made me feel bad or weird or different? Instead of embracing it I would have tried to hide it. I never would have found voice acting and on camera which is now my passion.

The more we as adults embrace who we are and what makes us different, the more safe we make it for the kids to do the same. Sometimes I think we are made a certain way for a reason and when we decide to embrace ourselves exactly how we were made, amazing things happen.

I challenge everyone to think of one quality about your self that you are not completely proud of and really take ownership of it. See what happens… show our kids what beauty really is.

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