On Beauty garnering worldwide attention ahead of theatrical opening

July 17, 2015

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One week ahead of the film opening in theaters in Los Angeles, “On Beauty” is getting positive exposure around the world.

Joanna Rudnick’s award-winning documentary follows fashion photographer Rick Guidotti, who has now devoted his life to shooting stunning images of children with visible genetic differences such as albinism and facial birthmarks. The film opens with daily showings from July 24 at the Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles, and from July 31 at the Cinema Village in New York. Rick Guidotti, Joanna Rudnick, and also Jayne and Sarah, the girls that also star in the film, will attend special screenings.

Yahoo! Style stated that “though the film is only thirty minutes, it packs a wallop.”

The UK’s Daily Mail – the world’s most visited newspaper website – posted the film’s trailer.

Rick was also recently interviewed by Flickr’s The Weekly Flickr blog, and by The Times of Israel, to whom he stated: “I’m the same photographer. For me, it was always about beauty. Nothing really changed.”

Over at Indykids, 11-year-old reviewer Adedayo Perkovich wrote: “This film is a definite must-see. It made me think more about how we treat people who seem different, and how we should pay more attention to that.”

The film has also created its own platform for collecting additional stories of the “Beauty in Difference.” The first of these was picked up for re-publishing by The Huffington Post.

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