Seven screenings at ReelAbilities NY, celebration of 25th anniversary of ADA

February 11, 2015

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“On Beauty” is thrilled to be part of the 2015 ReelAbilities NY Film Festival – an exciting week filled with films and special events to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The civil rights law was signed on July 26, 1990 and ensures that people of differing abilities have equal opportunities in various parts of American life.

It is wonderful be part of this celebration and to work with a festival and an organization that has many of the same goals as the film. The ReelAbilities Film Festival was started by the JCC Manhattan in 2007 with the mission to promote “awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with different disabilities.” The program has since expanded with the collaboration of the Cincinnati-based organization Living Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled (LADD) and has chapters in more than a dozen cities around the country.

There will be seven screenings in various locations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.

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