Sarah – Because I am beauty!

When people first see me, they say this first thing that comes to their mind like: “Did you get burnt?” “That’s the worst case of poison ivy, I have ever seen!” or “Is that a bruise? That must have hurt.” Of course, to me, all of these conclusions just sound silly, so I just punk myself up and say: “Its a birthmark,” and to the little ones, I explain that I was born with it, just like they were born with their freckles, and we’re all unique in our own way (Although, I don’t think you’re actually born with freckles?).

We all have challenges, some more than others. At birth, I was diagnosed with a port-wine stain birthmark then, when I turned one year old, I was diagnosed with seizures and migraines. Later, at 4 years old, I had my first eye surgery, and I have had four more since then to help with my Glaucoma (due to the birthmark on my eyes). All of these symptoms are a result of an inherited genetic condition called Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

Early on in my life, I had a curiosity for dirt bikes from watching my dad and two brothers riding all the time. My Dad got me my first dirt bike when I was four, and started me racing when I was 13. My passion has grown ever since. I’ve learned many things on the course, have had great experiences, met amazing people, and traveled to some really cool places.

For now, I’m working at a spa, located in a country resort next to my hometown in Upstate NY. I’m studying to get my GED with the hope of possibly going back to school in the future. I’ve always been interested in learning American Sign Language. I just got a new dirt bike as a gift for myself for my birthday, and have signed up for Moto-cross, and Off-Road competitions as well. (I will explain Off-Road racing in a following blog).

If some one were to ask me tomorrow: “If you could change anything about your self/life, what would it be?” I’d honestly have to say absolutely NOTHING ! Every thing happens for a reason, and it all makes me who I am. I’m proud of who I am because… I am beauty!

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